Thursday, 25 October 2012

Apart from disproportions

Contribution to the war in the history of plastic surgery. Head injuries and facial injuries in the plastic can not be treated without surgery. Apart from disproportions treatment, plastic surgery, surgical treatment is an aesthetic feature. It was an act that is not only able to hide blemishes, but it can be very beautiful. This plastic surgery in the United States in 1920 and that was the end of a movement.

This is known as the American Society for ASPS or plastic surgeons. The doctors from different backgrounds come together to share their knowledge and ideas about the operation of a stage was served. Two of the founding fathers of surgery Gustav Aufricht and Jack Maliniac. From various places such as Honolulu plastic surgery, plastic surgery is a part of this group.

Grew from strength to strength ASPS. During World War II, and the image is updated to modern plastic surgery procedures. Gradually the number of members grew and some were total of 150 physicians. The foundation supports research in the field of plastic surgery and is known to promote research in the central area. In fact, help them out, to distribute gifts to eligible students. They organize seminars and lectures to encourage doctors about plastic surgery. Highlight important issues to talk about progress in this field, there are no magazines.

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